Every culture is different from one another. Every culture has its different ways of living. The amazing thing about cultures are that they are all very unique. In the Canadian culture hockey is very important! Every Canadian loves their hockey. Canadian culture can be similar to others or very different. For example, Americans share the same likes and dis likes as Canadians. Here in Canada we love burgers, fries, beer, and hockey. Places like England are nothing like us though. In England they drive on the opposite side of the road, eat fish n chips, and play soccer. Not all cultures are the same and that is perfectly fine!  What makes a culture so special is it uniqueness. Cultures have their different foods, clothing styles, music, etc. Its amazing to see all the different cultures in the world.



Racism is a very serious topic. We will probably never see the day where racism comes to an end. Read that last line again and you realize how cruel man kind is. Everywhere we go there is some type of racism. Every race faces some sort of discrimination. I believe that we tend to be racist because we think of our own race as being better than everyone else’s. This is why I see my self as a person without race. I don’t like the whole idea of grouping people because of the practice of their culture or the color of their skin. We are all human! Why can we not just treat each other equally? We all live on this planet as one big family. We need to start to learn how to respect one another. Racism is an ugly act that everyone who participates in it should be very ashamed, but we all do it! It can be very unintentional but we have all had a time where we were racist. It seems as there will never be a stop to it. The best we can do is share the awareness of racism and hopefully it changes people’s views.


I personally was waiting for this topic to come up in class. Stereotypes are in every culture. They are assumptions made by people in a cowardly way. We drive past a car accident and assume a Chinese driver was involved. It may be that it was an Asian driver which gives us more confidence in our assumption that Chinese people can’t drive.  It is very idiotic to label a whole culture by a couple of people. You simply can not judge everyone by one single person. Another stereotype is that black people steal. Sure there are many thieves that are black, but there are many white as well. Every race has a group of crooks, we can’t just say blacks are the only. Stereotypes aren’t always so negative. Some stereotypes such as Canadian’s are polite can be positive. Comedians loves making jokes about the different stereotypes there are. Sure they do it for the fun, but we have to remember how stereotypes can be very wrong as well. We simply can’t judge one group on a couple of people. Unless you have proof of every person in that group falling under that certain assumption, you can’t go around stereotyping people.


I specifically liked this topic. In class we learned about the different norms, folkways and mores. First off what is a norm? Norms are something we live by. They are unwritten rules that everyone in society follows. Based on culture, norms are different all across the world. For example, making eye contact here in North America is respectful while talking, but places like Asia eye contact is seen as very rude. It is amazing how different our norms are based on culture. There are two types of norms we learned can be very different from each other. Firstly, folkways are the less harmful norms. One example of a folkway would be coughing without covering your mouth. It is seen as disgusting to cough in someones face, but no serious consequences would result in this. Where as in mores serious consequences arise from breaking certain norms. One example would be driving through a red light. This as seen as more of a severe act. Consequences would result in a traffic ticket. It is amazing how norms work and what is or isn’t acceptable. This is why norms fascinate me.


We are all brought up in this world thinking that there is only one way to live. That one way is grow up, go to school, graduate, find a high paying job, start a family, watching your kids grow up to do the same thing, and die. What a life. We claim to have all this freedom but do we ever take advantage of it? There is no one way of living. Who said I have to go to school and find a job. We have one life so lets enjoy every second of it! Lets explore the world, face our fears, laugh, love, and just cherish it all. We would all love to do that but there is one thing stopping us. That one thing is society. Technically we could do whatever we want, but we as humans are so nervous to become outlaws of society. Nobody wants to be the outcast trying something that may fail. We are so controlled my society it makes me laugh. There are uncontacted tribes out in the rain forest that have never met the rest of the humans on this planet! What I love about them is the inspiration they give me. They live life as they want to. These tribes show me that society is nothing but a joke, nobody can control my life. I will live my life to the fullest. We should all forget about society and do whatever makes us happy in this life because this really is our one time to enjoy it. I want to end off by saying don’t be a follower, be a leader.

Arjan’s Biography

Hello, my name is Arjan Johal. I am 18 years old and I was born in Vancouver B.C. I live with my older sister, mom, dad, and grandparents. My hobby is play video just like every other 18 year old guy. I like to describe myself as very helpful and a great leader! My leadership skills really show at Mc Donalds where I have been working for 2 years now! I just recently graduated high school from Princess Margaret Secondary School, and I now attend Kwantlen Polytechnic University. I am studying arts in criminology. In the future I would live to pursue a career in the line of law. I have always had an interest in how the world works and why we do what we do. I believe that society has a major role in all our lives. We as humans live around people, without other humans we would not survive. I took sociology because I am fascinated about how society works. I have many questions as to why we do the things we do. I did a volunteer program working with elementary student and we learned why kids behave the way they do. This got me wondering about why adults act in the way they do. I believe sociology will help me answer all my questions, and that is why I am very excited to start this program!